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Golfing Protocols During COVID-19


  1. Consider all social distancing procedures that are already in place, please keep 6’/2M apart at all times
  2. Golfers will be directed at the front door of the pro shop and will only enter one at a time for registration
  3. Hand sanitizer will be provided before entry to the pro shop
  4. Tap debit/credit is preferred, but cash will still be accepted
  5. There will be no seating in the pro shop or on the patio at this time
  6. Washrooms will be open in the pro shop and portables will be on the course. They will be sanitized throughout the day on hourly intervals
  7. Snack bar will have a limited menu and will have take out only. The beverage cart will operate also with limited items
  8. Groups can be paired up, no group larger than 4 allowed
  9. Tee times have been set at 16 minute intervals to increase distancing over the first week. This interval will be adjusted to 12 minute intervals on Saturday May 23rd, 2020
  10. Golfers are expected to ensure proper distancing while on the course, avoid high fives and hand shakes in your group
  11. All rakes have been removed from the course, you may remove your ball from a footprint in bunkers, smooth sand, and replace ball with no penalty
  12. Cups are raised, putt to tap the cup and pick up your ball, do not touch the flag at any time. Pin Caddy’s will be installed and will allow golfers to putt into the cup and remove their ball without touching the pin or cup shortly.
  13. Power carts will be one rider only, unless you are living in the same residence
  14. Keys will be in the carts, please leave them there after your game
  15. Pull carts are available
  16. There are no club rentals at this time
  17. All pull/power carts are cleaned and sanitized when returned to the pro shop before being rented again
  18. Please arrive shortly (10minutes) before your tee time to help prevent large gatherings around the pro shop
  19. During inclement weather please return to your car if you are planning to wait


  1. Baskets can be purchased at the pro shop, please wait along the front side for direction to enter from a staff member
  2. Tee blocks have been spaced further apart to increase distance between golfers
  3. Putting greens are open, with cups lifted and pins removed. Please ensure to respect social distancing while practicing
  4. Chipping area is open, there are no rakes place at this time. Please do not touch the pins.
  5. There are no club washers on the range at this time
  6. Bag stands have been removed at this time
  7. All baskets are sanitized and wiped after each use
  8. Golf balls are washed with detergent/cleaner after each use before re-use


          At this point, the batting cages and mini putt will remain closed until further notice